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Need education support from grades 7-12?


A place where students are blessed, families are honored and education is done well.

What we do

We provide a school in Math, Science and English where students attend one week a month.

Best of home schooling

You are still together as a family three weeks a month.

You have flexibility in the non-core subjects.

Cost is low

Best of Traditional school

Strong student teacher interaction.

Development through peer interaction.

Curriculum, pacing and schedule defined by the school.

Best of online school

Flexibility with time and schedule.

Preparation for the future of education.

Geographical neutrality

MSG Benefits

There are many reasons why you may choose to be part of the MSG.  If you have any more questions please do feel free to contact us.

  • Professional teaching staff
  • Ten year proven model of education.
  • Families can live wherever they want.
  • Affordable as compared to online schooling and local international schools.